JavaFusion L.L.C.

ColdFuson/Java Development
JavaFusion has been a registered business in the state of Indiana since 2009. JavaFusion provides Java and Coldfusion application design, implementation and support. We enhance existing applications, create applications from requirements and do support of all your Java and ColdFusion applications.
JavaFusion is a sole proprietor company owned and operated by Margaret Phillips who has 8 years of Java development experience and 12 years of Coldfusion development experience.

Work Experiences

JavaFusion LLC

2007 - Present

JavaFusion was started in 2007 and became a full time operation in 2009. Working remotely for numerous small business clients and also for larger operations needing ad hoc support for existing teams.

Some of the skills used have been:

  • Fusebox and ColdSpring frameworks with ColdFusion, Hibernate, Struts and Spring with Java.
  • jQuery, Ajax, fullcalendar, twitter-bootstrap, Solr, lightbox
  • MS SQL, MySQL, Components, stored procedures , DRY coding
  • PayPal,, FirstData, Twilio, Twitter and Facebook API integration

Department of Defense Financing & Accounting Services

Indianapolis, IN
Software Developer
2007 - 2009

Developed java web applications for payroll and reporting using struts 2, hibernate, spring, oracle. Created web services that contributed to Cognos reports.

Indiana University Medical School

Indianapolis, IN
Software Developer
2006 - 2007

Java Developer for a cancer researcher at the IU Medical School. Worked on open source project with the National Cancer Institute as well as a visualization application for quick searching and viewing of cancer patient outcomes.

University of Michigan Health System

Ann Arbor, MI
Software Developer
1978 - 2006

I held many positions in my 28 years at the University of Michigan Medical Center. My last and favorite was as a software developer. I developed applications for the last 7 years I was at UM. As a Java developer I worked on many production applications using Spring, Hibernate, Struts and Swing. I also developed a large ColdFusion application for asset management using the Fusebox framework. I was an IT Manager prior to becoming a developer but realized I really loved programming so that is what I continue to do.


Computer Science

Eastern Michigan University
Studies towards an MS in Computer Information Systems

BA Psychology

University of Detroit

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Expert, 15 years
Over 15 years experience working with Coldfusion, starting with versions 5.1 through 2016 as well as Railo/Lucee. Extensive use of jQuery for async page changes, SMS messaging, recurring auto payments with a variety of payment providers, Bootstrap for web page designs, drag and drop calendaring. Experience with Amazon Web Servces.


Expert, 8 years
jQuery, Ajax, Fullcalendar, Google Maps API


Advanced, 15 years
MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Stored Procedures

Other Skills

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Twitter Fusebox/ColdBox,FW1
PayPal,, FirstData Twilio SOLR Lightbox


Social Network Login

Twitter, Facebook, Google
Back and front end design

SOLR Search

ColdFusion & SOLR
Back and front end design


ColdFusion, jQuery
Back and front end design

Twilio Based Text Messaging

Front end design &Back end coding.

Real Estate Site

Back end coding.

ColdFusion Backend

Enhance existing site
Back end coding.

Shopping Cart

ColdFusion Backend
Back end coding.

Get in Touch

I'm currently taking on freelance work. I enjoy digging into already existing code,fixing bugs and doing enhancements.

I can help with the following:

  • Development with ColdFusion
  • Front-end responsive development with Bootstrap
  • SQL database development
  • Bootstrap responsive re-design
  • jQuery updates

Drop me a line at or contact me via Skype (pegitha)

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